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Your Job is to...

02/13/2007 06:41 AM

Web site is up!

02/13/2007 06:17 AM

Jolly Roger of the Week

02/13/2007 05:59 AM

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The Jolly Rogers

Welcome to The World Famous Jolly Rogers Guild webpage. This Guild primarily focuses on friendship, camaraderie, and developing new players and skills. Oh yeah! Leveling too! The guild is located on the US-based PVE Velen server, led by Guild Master ButchKissick On February 10th 2007, The Jolly Rogers were formed and the Guild is quickly growing to become one of Velen's premier guilds. Want to feel like you are on a real team? The Jolly Rogers Guild needs you now!

We will train you properly & share resources & offer tradeskill advice. LVL 1 to 70 players are welcome including Mains & Alts. Absolutely no time requirements. Guild Bank is up and running ! Ventrilospeak is up and running!

The Guild prides itself on its close-knit group of members, quality players, and utmost dedication to the Guild, and the game. Thanks for visiting, check back often for updates!

If you are looking for hardcore high-end, end-game content or a progression raiding guild we're not there yet. If you want to have fun and meet good people, then this is the place to be...no pressure. Happy Hunting


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Out of the flames...
03/27/2008 01:17 PM by butchkissick

Check out the all new World Famous Jolly Rogers. More to come soon!



Round up the Usual Suspects....
04/15/2007 09:11 AM by butchkissick


Ventrilo is up and running...
03/09/2007 12:26 PM by butchkissick

The Jolly Rogers Ventrilo Server is up and running!

Here's all you have to do. Acquire a headset/microphone combo.
Radio Shack has a Gigaware set for under $10.00. It is comfortable and sounds great. Get it running via USB on your computer.

Go tohttp://www.instantventrilo.com

On the right side, Download Ventrilo Client, to desktop or a folder you can find it at.

Install the client via the wizard that comes up when you ckick the downloaded file.

Configure the application by using the tutorial found under the tab,

Ventrilo Hosting Support. "How to connect to your Server"

Basically, you need to tell it the server IP and the port number:

Server IP:
Server Port: 8061

Hit connect and your almost home...small adjustments may have to be made but now you can leave that running and open the game and start talking! Yeah Baby!

We have 32 slots available....




Group Hug 9 March 2007
03/09/2007 12:11 PM by butchkissick

We had a good time and after the smoke break by Excelsiora...

Hey shouldn't we be at work?


If you are stuck, here's some help...
02/14/2007 09:19 AM by butchkissick

Everybody gets stuck sometime and needs a little help. You can ask someone in game, but they may be Questing or in combat and can't answer. Well, if you haven't been to one of these sites yet...your prayers may be answered. Try:


Now you can find everything you need at your own pace.

Happy hunting!



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