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Your Job is to...
02/13/2007 06:41 AM by butchkissick.

Everybody wants to have guidance and here are some general tips to keep you up and running.

Your primary job is to keep leveling until you get to Level 18. Thats where we would like you to be to get formal training and start a series of Deadmines runs so that you become proficient. We use discipline and do business like steely-eyed killers in the Instances. You can't just go around willy nilly aggroing the heck out of every Mob in the joint. A methodical approach taught to you by our experts will help you down the road.

How you get to level 18 is up to you, but I suggest a series of Quests and sometimes you just have to grind. Be patient and you will have great rewards and great satisfaction. Eventually, when you are Level 24, you will be teaching
the Level 18 Guildies the right way to do Deadmines and The stockades and...

If you get stuck at a plateau in leveling, talk to us...maybe we can get you over it.

Always wear the top of the line armour you can get your hands on. The Guild bank will be up and running soon. It has a simple principle. You put two items in and get credit for 1 out. There will be a whole sidebar on the Bank soon.

Visit your class trainer at least every two levels and get up to date...it makes a big difference.

Start at least one profession as soon as you can. Some people are good gatherers and some are good makers. The Guild will help you get materials if you need them. All skills are necessary and we can only do a few ourselves. The reason we have a Guild is to get the rest of the stuff we need. sooner rather than later.
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